We can help you .



Welcome. I am Paul R Hall . Founder and agent of I.I.A. Data colection and research . We are here to help . We don't set back and let things happen. We go out and make them happen. We are the people , we work for the people. We can help you. Hire or Join us .

We fill out legal forms. If you don't want to pay lawyer fees? Call us, we can help you at 25.00 dollars a form.

I am Agent Paul R Hall.

We work for the peaple, we are a private contractor.

Hire us or join us. We are putting togeather a client list .  

We collect any data or research anything. 




Research, documents and records.

Let us do your easy work. 

Just let us know what you need. 




The war room.

Our staff on duty 24/7.

We are not law or security enforcments. We collect data and research anything. Go any place to find the truth. Be part of history, join our staff; or hire us.  You can help save lives by just doing your job. We are a private agency , this is not a nine to five job. 

Your background;      Weapons expert  a must, we will train if you are not.

18 to 80 yrs old


High school grad 

or College grad

Experience or non experience , we will train.

Must have passport to travel outside U.S. , if you don't have one ; you will work only in the U.S.  

Send resume , copy of all info . By email, or by mail to home office below. 


We are the best kept secret.

1/ Data collection; we will dig for any information. 

2/  research ; for any information.

3/ Go any place to get it. 

4/ The price; $5,000 up front the $5,000 when the job is done.[ We will work with you on payments.] All this is on the contract, no hidden fees.  

5/  When do we go to work?   

Contact information below.  

Our services

National Ship Protection; We protect ships in international waters.

$50,000.00 and up.


POW MIA ; Search and rescue.

$50,000.00 and up


U.S.PEACE KEEPERS; We train the public to protect .

We train for free.  


Contact us today

Let us know what you need?

Our services are known all over the world.

Contact information

Main office

International Intelligence Agency.

P.O. BOX 260.

Marion , Ohio 43302


Email, army530ab@gmail.com